Over the last five years we have assisted our client to manage their assets on the Isle of Canna.  With limited resources and many demands for investment, information on the condition and potential of asset is key to informed investment.



Canna has a mix of traditional, historic and modern properties, an informed owner and a small but vibrant community.  It is an amazing place with amazing people.



This remote island has a full mix of construction types from the comparatively grand Canna House with its world class collections, to the many modest vernacular croft houses, traditional barns to modern kit houses, private water supplies, off grid electricity generation, piers and bridges.


Maintaining and investing in such a diverse portfolio requires partner consultancies and many specialisms.  One of our strengths is identifying when to bring additional skills and expertise to the table, but doing so in a proportionate manner, and managing the team in an inclusive and proactive way.
Works have seen capital improvements to existing housing stock, water supply systems, holiday lets, commercial business premises, and pier repair programmes.  We have managed the clients reactive, planned and compliance maintenance responsibilities.


We also have project managed professional design teams to consider a major project to turn Canna House into a world class gaelic resource facility, whilst assessing other redundant properties for their potential conservation and redevelopment. A holistic approach to the management of this island’s assets